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Buckingham’s Artisan Butchery was established in March 2017 taking on a Butchery concession at Greensmith’s Supermarket in Lower marsh, Lambeth. After 3 successful years trading owner Damon Buckingham decided it was time to find a long term home & moved the business to the beautiful village of West Meon.

Our produce
Our Beef

We only buy native breed cattle as they are slower growing than some of the continental breeds and we believe they carry a greater depth of flavour & texture. Our Beef is Dry Aged for a minimum of 30 days before we sell it to enhance to flavour and allow the enzymes in the meat to break down naturally for beautifully tender meat.

We work with a number of small farmers who share the same passion for animal welfare as us & we visit all the farms a minimum of twice a year to ensure standards are being maintained.

We are lucky enough to have some fantastic cattle on our doorstep at Westbury Manor Farm, West Meon farmer Simon Cobden has a mixed breed herd from which we pick live to our specification.

We also have Beef sourced for us in Scotland by the Duff family, Macduff work with a group of farmers who graze their cattle on the lush Scottish grass and then Andrew & his team select carcasses to our specification & send them to us. www.macduffbeef.co.uk

Something Special

Pasture Fed Organic Dexter from farmer Campbell at Fife Dexters
We are lucky enough to get a select number of these cattle each year please feel free to check out www.fifedexters.com for more details.

Pasture Fed Organic Longhorn from Fowlescombe Farm, Dartmoor
Slow grown Organic Longhorn cattle who graze in a beautiful valley in the foothills of Dartmoor national park. Check out www.fowlescombe.com for more info.

Red Wagyu x Sussex from Trenchmore Farm, Cowfold, Sussex
Rare breed Red Wagyu crossed with pure bred Sussex cattle what’s not to love ? Softness & marbling from the Wagyu & Native breed flavour / texture from the Sussex. In our opinion this makes the perfect cross for meat quality. www.trenchmore.co.uk


Creedy Carver Free range Chickens, Cornfed Chickens & Ducks from James Coleman at Merrifield Farm, Crediton, Devon.

James and his family rear the finest quality poultry supplying many Michelin star restaurants in London & beyond.

Using traditional Free Range farming techniques and a cereal based diet both the chicken and ducks enjoy a leisurely growth rate which helps promote a great tasting succulent meat leading to a wonderful eating experience.


All of our Lamb is sourced within the South Downs, we select Lambs weekly from the abattoir where small holding from Hampshire & Surrey send their Lambs and we choose the Lambs to our specification.

Farmer Simon Cobden at Westbury Manor farm also supplies us with his pedigree Suffolk when available.


Our Sausage rolls are made & baked in house but our pies come from the fabulous Granny Mo’s at South England Pastry, Surrey.

Flavours include:
Steak, steak & Guinness, steak & stilton, steak & kidney, chicken & mushroom, ham hock & pea, butternut squash & goats cheese, Meat Pasty, Three cheese & onion pasty…..

Deli Bits

We also have a huge range of other items in our deli including South downs Butter, Smoked Salmon, Anchovies, Humous, Olives… the list goes on.

Fresh Fish

We have teamed up with Ramus seafood to bring you a fine selection on fresh fish delivered fresh to the shop every Thursday. We have a wide selection available and can order specialties on request.


Organic pork from the Goodwood estate, Chichester.
Rare Breed Free Range Pork from Hadlow College, Kent
We do not buy outdoor bred or outdoor reared Pork we only buy 100% Free range or Organic.

‘’Did you know that less than 3% of the pigs farmed in Britain are genuinely free range… It has never been more meaningful to know where your meat comes from and it is important for your own peace of mind that you can trust the pork you are sold is in fact free range’’

Cooked Meats/Charcuterie

Our cooked meats & charcuterie is all made from Dingley Dell Free range Pork Woodbridge, Suffolk & expertly cured at Knights Farm, Essex.

Honey Roast Ham, Milano Salami, Lomo, Coppa, Bresaola, Chorizo…


We are lucky enough to have a cheese specialist in the form of our Butcher Billy Carey, Billy has a Diploma in Retail Cheese from the Guild of Fine Foods so if you have any questions or special requests come in & speak to Billy.

Cheeses we stock weekly include: Black Bomber, Sussex Charmer, Baron Bigod, Brie de Meaux, Stinking Bishop, Comte, Stilton, Shropshire blue, Sussex Brie, Sussex Camembert, Blue Murder, Tunworth, Winslade the list goes on…

If you love your cheese then we can definitely help you out with our growing selection.


We have teamed up with the Artisan food club to bring you condiments & fine foods from small producers around the country. The producers include The Sauce shop, Yorkshire Pasta, Scarlett & Mustard.
Local Honey from Honey be Happy

Tottington Manor Farm Lamb

Texel Lambs reared on the beautiful south downs in West Sussex, 100% grass fed these Lambs live a truly free range lifestyle from the moment they are born. When they are ready they are sent to the Abattoir just a few miles from the farm to minimise stress, We then select the best Lambs to our specification.

Packington Free Range Pork

Packington Pigs are truly Free range. Born & living outdoors for their entire lives, they are reared to the highest welfare standards with plenty of space to roam, be sociable & wallow in the mud on sunny days.

A HAPPY PIG IS A HEALTHY PIG – Farmer Robert Mercer

Packington Free Range Chickens

In todays modern & hectic society, too much emphasis is on speedy results & low cost, regardless on the impact on the welfare or the environment.

This isn’t the case with packingtons poultry farmer Alec Mercer, he has returned to rearing Chickens with care, attention & above all exceptional welfare standards.


Buckinghams Artisan Butchery

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West Meon, Petersfield

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