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Here at Buckinghams we believe strongly in farm to fork traceability. All of our free range & Organic meat is sourced direct from small producers throughout the country who share our ethics in animal welfare.

Our produce
Macduff Scotch Beef

Always leading the field !

Our Beef is sourced from P.R Duff Ltd at Wishaw Abattoir, Lanarkshire.

Macduff have a small producer group of farmers who all share the same passion for animal welfare standards & low impact farming. Our Beef is selected weekly to our specification by Andrew Duff & David Hunter. We only buy native breed cattle as they are slower growing than some of the continental breeds and we believe they carry a greater depth of flavour & texture. Our Beef is Dry Aged for a minimum of 30 days before we sell it to enhance to flavour and allow the enzymes in the meat to break down naturally for beautifully tender meat.

Some of our Farmers

Walter Wight – Whitrighill Farm
Tommy Taylor – HeatheryHall Farm
John Hamilton – Aikengall Farm
Willie Purdon – Stravenhouse Farm

We are also members of the Scotch Butchers Club who audit butchers selling Scotch Beef to make sure we are doing as we promote.

Tottington Manor Farm Lamb

Texel Lambs reared on the beautiful south downs in West Sussex, 100% grass fed these Lambs live a truly free range lifestyle from the moment they are born. When they are ready they are sent to the Abattoir just a few miles from the farm to minimise stress, We then select the best Lambs to our specification.

Packington Free Range Pork

Packington Pigs are truly Free range. Born & living outdoors for their entire lives, they are reared to the highest welfare standards with plenty of space to roam, be sociable & wallow in the mud on sunny days.

A HAPPY PIG IS A HEALTHY PIG – Farmer Robert Mercer

Packington Free Range Chickens

In todays modern & hectic society, too much emphasis is on speedy results & low cost, regardless on the impact on the welfare or the environment.

This isn’t the case with packingtons poultry farmer Alec Mercer, he has returned to rearing Chickens with care, attention & above all exceptional welfare standards.


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With the weather warming up for the weekend we have prepared some lovely Wild Garlic butterflied legs of Lamb ready for the BBQ.
#wildgarlic #Lamb #Buckinghams #WestMeon

People sometimes ask why I buy Scotch Beef our response is we dont just buy Scotch Beef we buy @macduffbeef , today we took delivery of some beautiful Luing & Shorthorn from the Taylor's @ Heatheryhall #fulltraceability #nativebreeds #macduff1890

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